About Us

 Nebraska Prep Equipment was founded by Cory Hart and Jamison Wallman in late 2017. While building their last catering kitchen for their then, 5 year old catering business, they were faced with the task of sourcing quality used equipment to stay within budget. Cory and Jamison found that quality used equipment was few and far between locally so they broadened their search area and found a great amount of quality used equipment in the larger cities throughout the Midwest. Instead of keeping this treasure hidden, Jamison and Cory decided to start transporting this equipment back to Southeast Nebraska, cleaning the equipment and reselling it at a fair price to other food service companies in the area. Nebraska Prep Equipment started to gain traction and the option for new equipment was added to our inventory eventually leading to  offering new equipment with manufacturer warranty as well as occasional new scratch and dent units at a discounted price.
Centrally located between Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Kansas City, Missouri, Nebraska Prep Equipment is your family-owned local dealer for affordable, high quality equipment for all your restaurant and bar prep needs. We are proud to stock and offer a wide range of products priced at the best value, allowing your business to succeed at a reasonable cost. 
 In this industry, circumstances change frequently, and you may find yourself needing to make accommodations on a regular basis. Your restaurant may grow, you may consider adding a bar to increase business, you may need to relocate. As a result of such unpredictability, you'll likely often find your business in need of more equipment. Having an equipment dealer you can trust is paramount to keeping operations running smoothly.
Additionally, we strive to create a seamless shopping experience. We maintain a personable approach that extends far beyond your initial purchase, allowing us to form lasting relationships with our customers. Whether you require assistance or additional equipment, you can trust Nebraska Prep Equipment to ensure you are 100% satisfied, becoming your go-to for affordable restaurant and bar equipment with exceptional service.
 Brittany Hart (co-owner, sales and marketing)
Brittany has been with Nebraska Prep Equipment since 2019. She is often referred to as "The Face of the Company" and brings with her 5 years of culinary experience in a retirement facility as well as a secondary education in culinary science. Brittany also has 6 years experience with direct customer support as a patient scheduler at a large radiology facility in Lincoln Nebraska. Brittany strives to ensure our customers at Nebraska Prep Equipment feel as though they are a valued customer, not just another sale.     
Jamison Wallman (co-owner, sales, accounting) 
Jamison a co-founder of Nebraska Prep Equipment was born and raised on a farm in Southeast Nebraska. Jamison understands the importance of having quality equipment in an operation, especially when your lively hood depends on it. Jamison continues to run and operate the family farm, growing the business along the way and adding additional for hire agriculture services to customers. Jamison remains involved in Nebraska Prep Equipment's day to day operation. 
Cory Hart (co-owner, sales, purchasing)
Cory, co-founder of Nebraska Prep Equipment has been heavily involved with retail and wholesale business for the last 19 years outside of Nebraska Prep Equipment. He has spent a fair amount of that time engaged in inventory procurement as well as building and maintaining manufacturer and vendor relationships. Cory brings this experience to Nebraska Prep Equipment allowing us to have competitive pricing against the large equipment dealers and online drop shippers.   
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